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Meanings of Traditional Funeral and Sympathy Flowers

Flowers have long held symbolic meanings during times of mourning. This post explores the traditional blooms often sent as funeral and sympathy flowers, like lilies for restored innocence and chrysanthemums for grief. Learn how to choose meaningful arrangements to honor a loved one.

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Offering flowers to those who have recently experienced a loss is a long-standing tradition rooted in symbolism and comfort. As far back as the Victorian era, specific blooms took on emotional connotations that could gently convey sentiments of mourning, memory, hope, and love when words failed. Even today, choosing flowers grounded in their representative meanings can help those grieving find significance and solace.

1. Lilies

Lilies, especially white lilies, are among the most popular types of funeral flowers given to express condolences. White lilies embody purity, virtue, and innocence. Their waxy blooms and heavenly fragrances illustrate how the soul of the departed has ascended to paradise. White lilies symbolize remembrance of one's wholesome spirit and convey a wish for peaceful rest. Other lily varieties like orange and pink lilies can also represent affection and care for the bereaved. No matter the specific color, lilies have long been thought to ward off evil and ease sadness through their beauty and purity.

2. Roses

Roses come in many hues but the most common varieties gifted for funeral flowers carry special symbolic weight. White roses exemplify innocence, purity, and spirituality and are the best flowers for funerals. Their delicacy conveys care, comfort, and hope for healing. Red roses signify deep love that will never fade, reminding those in mourning of eternal bonds of affection. Pink roses soften the grief with messages of kindness, sympathy, and appreciation for cherished memories shared. Whether white, red, or pink- roses remain prominent in funeral arrangements and flowers for condolences due to their timeless, heartfelt representations.

3. Carnations

Carnations are popular funeral flowers because of their long vase life and various shades that portray emotion. While pink, red, and coral carnations speak to admiration and affection- white carnations gained significance as a sign of remembrance of innocent virtues after becoming favored for funerals of children and young people in Victorian times. Their purity and modest beauty communicate thoughts of one's spirit living on.

4. Daffodils

The perennial daffodil blooms each spring, lighting woods and meadows with cheery yellow trumpets. In the language of flowers, daffodils symbolize new beginnings and rebirth- it can be easily found at many West Palm Beach Florists. At funerals, their gift implies hope that even in death, life continues in a new eternal realm. Daffodils suggest enduring happiness and optimism that one day, companions will reunite where "parting is no more".

5. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums or "mums" blossom in late summer and vary in shades of pink, yellows, oranges, and whites. In Asian cultures, chrysanthemums represent grief, loss, and mourning which is why they are commonly placed at grave sites and given for funerals. These flowers symbolize death and their profound colors and shapes remind us to cherish loved ones who can no longer be seen with mortal eyes.

6. Orchids

Exotic orchids bring a sense of tropical luxury even in times of mourning. Some varieties of orchids echo sentiments of love and beauty. Commonly white or purple orchids reference spirituality and remembrance. Orchids are long vibrant blooms that imply enduring bonds of affection that withstand separation through death- that is why it is a great choice for flower Delivery In Lake Park FL.

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